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The province’s bursary programme targets priority candidates  who have an interest in attaining a qualification such as Bachelor of Commerce  and Bachelor of Science , although not exclusively. Various criteria  are applied when selecting preferred candidates who will incur certain responsibilities if chosen. Candidates can apply  through various means.

Priority candidates
In line with the PDP and Skills Development Act of 1999, the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) awards bursaries annually to academically qualifying and financially needy students in the Eastern Cape and in particular, candidates from rural areas. This criterion emanates from DEDEAT’s appreciation of poverty in the province. The poverty and unemployment in the province is immensely entrenched in the rural areas. These bursaries are awarded to candidates from the Eastern Cape in specific disciplines that are in line with the department’s mandate.

Helping students access education
The department seeks to ensure that the youth of the province continue to access to high-quality education that provides them with critical skills and expertise guarantees a better future for them and the province.

Priority fields of study
The priority fields of study are economics, the environment and tourism which are in short supply within the Eastern Cape.

Category A
Bachelor of Commerce, specialising in:

• Economics and statistics
• Economics and law
• Economics and public finance
• Economics and econometrics
• Economics and politics
• Development economics
• Economics of tourism
• Development studies
• Consumer law protection

Category B
Bachelor of Science specialising in:

• Tourism development
• Environmental science and management
• Animal, plant and environmental studies
• Environmental and geographic studies
• Geography of tourism
• Economic and development geography
• Coastal management
• Environmental law
• Marine management

Category C

• Applied social sciences
• Public administration and management
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Communication
• Psychology

Qualifying criteria
1. The applicant should be a South African citizen, not older than 35 years.
2. Disabled candidates and designated groups are encouraged to apply.
3. Should be the resident of the Eastern Cape and preference will be given to people from rural and poverty-stricken areas.
4. Should be financially needy – merit with a total gross income of R5,000.00 per annum.
5. If unemployed, proof of income for both parents or legal guardian should be attached.
6. If both parents/guardian are unemployed, a stamped affidavit, signed by the Commissioner of Oath, should be provided
7. Should be an academically deserving candidate, that is, should have obtained a minimum of C for the matric qualification /grade 12. The results should be attached.
8. Valid matric results/grade 12 or June results must be attached.
9. If the applicant is currently studying towards matric, a confidential report obtained from the school principal and letter of acceptance from accredited tertiary institution registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training should be provided.

So what are the responsibilities for bursary holders?
1. The bursary pays for tuition fees, prescribed study material, reasonable accommodation and meals.
2. All candidates who have been granted a bursary are issued with a letter of acceptance containing detailed information and are required to accept and sign the contract.
3. A contract will be signed by the bursary upholder together with DEDEAT’s Head of Department. The contract will clearly state that upon completion of studies, the bursary holder will be obliged to work for the department as an intern for one year, directly after obtaining the qualification.
4. The bursary will be suspended when a bursary holder fails more than 50% of the registered courses. However, should a bursary holder re-register the failed courses at her/his own cost, the suspension would be lifted.
5. A bursary will be withdrawn should the department discover that a student is in receipt of another bursary. In this case, the bursary will be required to repay all costs already incurred by DEDEAT.
6. A bursary will be discontinued with immediate effect when a student registers for a degree/diploma other than for which the bursary was granted, without prior approval by the department.

How to apply for a bursary?
1. An advertisement inviting qualifying candidates to apply is usually announced between June and September.
2. The advertisement is usually placed in local newspapers, district municipalities notice boards, the DEDEAT website, and at DEDEAT regional offices.
3. At this time, the bursary application forms (link to electronic bursary application form) are available at DEDEAT regional offices or the head office. Contact us For more information, contact our human resources department on the DEDEAT head office (link to contacts page). DEDEAT regional offices (link to contacts page) can also assist with queries and application forms.