East London IDZ




It is an initiative by the South African government to encourage export oriented growth in the country by attracting foreign and local investors.

Since its inception in September 2002, the East London IDZ has achieved a number of milestones. The zone boasts more than 100 fully serviced sites. It has also secured 29 investors from a variety of sectors including automotive, aquaculture, and transport, logistics, agro-processing, ICT and BPO, logistics.

The industrial development zone is “at the advanced stages of bedding down and settling an investor to set up one of the biggest solar energy farms in South Africa”.

Another 800 ha have been added

The 455 hectare site has been increased with the leasing of a further 800 hectares of land in Berlin which is to used for a renewable energy cluster and planned agro-processing park.

Adequate supply of electricity, water and other related services ensure full-steam operations for manufacturers in the zone. Road networks and other regional transport linkages allow for speedy access to key markets and on-time delivery of raw materials.



For more information, visit their website: www.elidz.co.za

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