Economic Development Services

The Eastern Cape Province has been on a relatively sustained growth path since 2002; however, it remains characterised by extreme levels of uneven development.  This has implications on the role of provincial government in leading micro-economic planning.  It also places specific focus on the role of the state in addressing the question of redistribution, and the allocation of resources. It is in this area that the interventions of the Economic Development Services of the DEDEA seek to increase provincial government’s impact on economic development in the province.

Sub-programmes run by the Department include:

Integrated Economic Development Services

Integrated economic development involves coordinating a number of economic instruments, and allowing for more efficient use of resources in pursuit of sustained interventions to promote growth and development.


Core Function

Enterprise Development Unit

To support and develop business enterprises through district offices, Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC), SEDA and in collaboration with municipalities and other role players

Local Economic Development Unit

To promote economic growth and development of local economies in partnership with key stakeholders by aligning LED initiatives with government programs

Economic Empowerment Services Unit

To facilitate the process of empowerment and the creation of enabling business environment for Provincial Industrial Development Strategy(PID’s)

Trade and Industry Development

This sub-programme function is to stimulate economic growth through trade and investment, development of priority sectors, and industry development. The intention is to grow the national and international competitiveness of the province, and to meet provincial priorities with respect to growth and development.


Core Function

Trade and Investment Promotion


To facilitate trade, export promotion and attract investments through the Eastern Cape Development Corporation

Sector Development


To implement strategies for the positioning of the industrial sector as a key contributor to economic growth and development

Tourism Management

To create an enabling  environment for the sustainable growth and development of the tourism sector in the Eastern Cape through the Eastern Cape Parks and Eastern Cape Tourism Board. This programme coordinates and facilitates the following;

  • Policy development, implementation and review

  • Development of tourism relevant infrastructure

  • Tourism product development and investment

  • Tourism marketing,  research and information

  • Human resources development

  • Promotion of tourism safety and awareness initiatives

  • Transformation of the tourism sector

Industry Development

To facilitate the implementation of strategic programs that will stimulate the competitiveness of priority sectors


Business and Regulation Governance

The envisioned function of this sub-programme is to ensure an equitable, socially responsible business environment that allows for predictability by providing a regulatory framework, institutional mechanisms and programmes for this purpose.


Core Function

Corporate Governance

To lobby against and address barriers in the broader business environment which inhibits business development

To ensure compliance with policy frame-work for maintaining good business relationship between businesses and consumers

Consumer Protection

To develop, implement and promote measures that protects the violation of consumer  rights and interests against unscrupulous business practices through working with the DTI and other Government Parastatals within this sector

Liquor Regulation

To promote and maintain an effective and efficient regulatory system for the liquor industry through the Eastern Cape Liquor Board

Gambling and Betting

To promote and maintain an effective and regulatory environment for the gambling industry through the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board (ECGBB)


Economic Planning

The vision of the Economic Planning unit is for the DEDEA to be recognized as the main source of economic analysis as well as timely and accurate statistical information on economic development; and growth in the Province. This unit is well capacitated and equipped to interpret and analyse policy, monitor and quantify its implementation and impact, and analyse and advise on economic developments at a global, national, provincial and local level.


Core Function

Policy and Planning

To develop economic policies and strategies

Research and Development

To inform economic policy and planning processes 

Knowledge Management

To centralise economic data as a common resource of reference

Monitoring and Evaluation

To provide reliable performance indications


Economic Development Directorate’s mandate is derived from a range of legislative transcripts seeking to facilitate and support the economic growth and development in the province. It is important to note that the development of the economy is mostly done through the regions/district offices and public entities

Strategic thrust for Economic Development
Establish thriving enterprises; create partnerships; promote sustainable local economies (enabling environment); broaden meaningful participation
Promote trade; encourage investment; enhance sector competitiveness; retain and create jobs
Identify business development barriers, promote a socially responsible industry, predictable business environment and good governance; improve access, efficiency and effectiveness of redress mechanism
Identify opportunities for economic growth and development; guide policy and planning; pilot Research & Development  programmes; harness and protect IPRs; track and measure impact of strategic initiatives

Programme purpose

To Support

Economic growth and development initiatives and economic empowerment thereof
Policy interpretation and strategy implementation
 Enhancement of business competitiveness
Socio-economic research & development
Protection of consumer rights, and
Development of Institutional capacity and quality for performance optimization
To promote
Responsible, safe and healthy business environment
Socially responsible licensing of liquor and gaming operations
Sector and industry development
Enterprise Development and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment(BBBEE) Promotion
Trade and investment promotion
Retention and expansion of businesses
Innovative industries, systemic-thinking human capital, social/civic entrepreneurship, adherence to sector charters and BBBEE codes of good practice
Agri-business, timber and forestry, manufacturing, tourism development, trade-related services
Public-Public Partnerships (PUPs) and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP’s).
And to discourage
Reckless lending and inappropriate extension of credit by credit providers
Irrational Consumer Behaviour
 Unfair Business Practices
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