Promoting Sustainable & Shared
Economic Growth & Development



Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT)


The Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs (DEDEA) form part of the Eastern Cape Provincial Government and is mandated to spearhead growth and development of provincial economy and is committed to improving the lives of all its citizens. The policy priorities are derived from the Provincial Growth and Development Plan (PGDP), Provincial Industrial Strategy, and other high impact policy and linkages to initiatives such as Accelerated Skills Growth Initiative of South Africa – Eastern Cape and Provincial Job Summit Resolutions. These policy priorities serve as the key drivers in transforming the province’s socio-economic agenda.



 To be the recognised leader in coordination and implementation of policies and strategies for sustainable and shared economic development and environmental management in the Eastern Cape”.


DEDEAT Mission

 To promote and facilitate equitable, sustainable economic development and environmental management, through effective programmes, partnerships and people-centred service standards.


DEDEA is mandate to:

• Accelerate economic growth;
• Promote sustainable environmental management;
• Reduce economic inequalities;
• Diversify tourism development;
• Facilitate investment promotion.

Our Values

DEDEA is strongly committed to:
• Building a better life for all South Africans and a natural environment in which to live
• Transparency, service delivery and community participation as embodied in the Batho Pele Principles
• Fiscal responsibility enjoined on us by the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), 1999
• Transformation within the Department, within civil society and above all within the beautiful natural world that we all inhabit
• Innovation and Leadership

Positioning itself to achieve and accomplish its vision and mission, DEDEA is strategically divided into three programmes and an array of prudently structured sub-programmes. These programmes are Administration, Economic Development and Environmental Management.  DEDEA vision is shared by all of its employees and gives a sense of belonging as well as the joy for dedication to serve our people with pride in fulfilling the mandate of the department.




Economic Development


• Integrated Economic Development service
• Trade and Industry Development
• Business Regulation and Governance
• Economic Planning









Economic Development Management



Integrated Economic Development service


Enterprise Development

Local Economic Development

Economic Empowerment



Trade and Industry Development


Trade and Industry Promotion

Sector Development

Industry Development



Business Regulation and Governance


Corporate Governance

Consumer Protection

Liquor Regulation

Gambling and Betting



Economic Planning


Policy and Planning

Research and Development

Knowledge Management

Monitoring and Evaluation




Environment Affairs Management











Environmental Management


Policy Coordination and Environmental Planning

Intergovernmental Coordination, Spatial and Development Planning

Legislative Development

Research and Development Support

Information Management Services


Compliance and Enforcement

Environmental Quality Management Authorisation, Compliance and Enforcement

Biodiversity Management Authorisation, Compliance and Enforcement

Coastal Authorisation, Compliance and Enforcement



Environmental Quality Management

Impact Management

Air Quality Management

Climate Change Management

Pollution and Waste Management

Coastal Pollution Management



Biodiversity Management

Biodiversity and Protected Area Planning and Management

Conservation Agencies and Services

Coastal Resource Use


Environmental Empowerment Services

External Capacity Building and Support

Sector Skills Development and Training

Environmental Education and Awareness Raising