The SEZs at Coega and East London offer a range of world-class investor services. Services differ from IDZ to IDZ but range from:

  • Recruitment, training and managing labour
  • Assistance with visa applications, work and study permits, applications for municipal services
  • Assistance with applying for incentives
  • Facilitation of environmental approvals and licence requirements for project development (EIAs, basic assessment, air quality license, waste license and OEMP)
  • Customs services to assist with all SARS Customs registrations and permit processes in preparation for approval of facility for operational phases
  • Incentives: Assist all investors to ensure optimal use of all necessary incentives available to industry (SEZ, municipal, and sector-specific incentives)
  • Construction management and operational safety, health, and environment management systems in place
  • SHE systems monitor and control construction and operational phases (waste management, water and air quality, stormwater and effluent, alien plant eradication, open space management)
  • SEZs provide services during construction and operational phases.


Together with the SEZs (IDZs) continue to lead the re-industrialisation and economic development.  Priority sectors are agri-industry, sustainable energy, ocean economy, light manufacturing, tourism and automotive.


These Department conducts these assessments.