Member of the Executive Council

Mlungisi Mvoko

Phone: (043) 605-7000

Mlungisi Mvoko was born in the small town of Somerset East in the Sarah Bartman District Municipality.

He is a teacher by profession, who served his Somerset East community in that field between the years 1985 and 2000.

From the year 1996 to 2000, Mr Mvoko served as a Deputy Mayor of Somerset East and the Deputy Chairperson of the Western District regional services Council.

He later became the Executive Mayor of the then-Cacadu District Municipality from 2000 to 2011. During that tenure, he also served on the SALGA Eastern Cape Provincial Executive Committee from 2001 to 2011.

In 2006, he was elected as one of its deputy chairpersons until he finished as office term. He has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Cacadu Development Agency.

He has participated in many transformative initiatives between the local government sector and the other spheres of government starting from the development of the first generation of the Municipal Finance Management Act and later its subsequent amendments.

It applies to all other legislative developments that affected the local government sector as he was part of the machinery to lobby and advance policy proposals for affecting the good governance and transparency requirements of the sector.

To achieve all these, the first part was to consolidate the representative role SALGA plays as on the Chapter 9 institutions and MEC. Mr Mvoko’s role in that stream of work can be seen with character and posture organised local government has managed to attain over time.

He is a grounded political activist from the early days ahead of the unbanning of political parties in 1990 and a trade unionist in the education sector both long before SADTU was established and after its establishment.

He has been part of the ANC Regional structures in the then Cacadu Region and has been elected as the Regional Chairperson on more than two occasions.

Currently, he is the Provincial Deputy Chairperson of the ANC in the Eastern Cape.

In 2018, Mr Mvoko was deployed to the Provincial Legislature as a Member, where he became the MEC for Human Settlements and later MEC for Education.

In the sixth administration, he has been assigned to the portfolio of the MEC for Finance, Economic Development, Environmental Affairs, and Tourism.



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